Encrypted Cloud File Manager

Experience the ultimate File management and Sharing solution with built-in security features and convenient tools that provide peace of mind knowing that your files are protected with high-level security features!
Need to Scan a File, Photo, QR code, or Barcode? Maybe create a QR code, secure your File, or need to create a Note? All can be done in one safe place without any duplicates saved in various applications.
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All-in-One Smart File Management

SafeSecret goes beyond just file management. Create dynamic QR codes for notes, record voice memos, and capture photos and videos directly within the app. You can even generate social links cards, contact cards, or Wi-Fi connection details for easy sharing while maintaining complete control over who can access them.

  • Military Grade File and pincode Encryption for storing or sharing with others. Even SafeSecret team has no access to your encrypted files and Pins
  • Lock the app with various two factor authentication methods so only you can access the files.
  • Encrypt your Files and Folders with a Pin for security.
  • Create Notes with Photos and export as PDF or save your Passwords and never lose them anymore. Encrypt your notes that are confidential in 2 clicks.
  • Record voice memos, and capture photos and videos directly within the app.
  • Generate social links cards, Contact cards, or Wi-Fi connection details for easy sharing while maintaining complete control over who can access them.
Mobile screen of the applications file share screen, with many encryption selections

Secure File Sharing

Confidently send your personal or confidential work files without any worries. We prioritize the privacy and security of your data, ensuring a seamless and protected file sharing experience. Trust us to keep your files safe and accessible, with the power to set limits for file accessibility.

  • Stay updated and get real-time notifications whenever a File you've sent is accessed. This way, you can track who has viewed your shared content and maintain full control over its distribution.
  • Send your file or files in a folder Encrypted via a QR code or link with or without a Pin.
  • Set a time limit when sending a file(s) so that once accessed, the file can be automatically disabled and deleted (everywhere including the server) - countdown will start as soon as the file was opened.
  • When sending the File(s), you can also choose to make the file viewable only in the 'SafeSecret' app. This will add more security.

Contact Card

Create and share your contact info with anyone easily at any time as a QR code. You can also add your social media links.

Built in Scanners

Built-in QR code/Barcode Scanner and a Document/Photo Scanner.

Tracking & Real Time Notifications

Get notified about your shared File(s) when accessed. See info about the location and time it was viewed and used type of OS system. To ensure the correct person viewed it.


Save and Share your wi-fi info anytime with any one as a QR code. You can also print it for your business and home. So that your guests can just scan it and connect to your wi-fi without having to ask the password.


See the history of all your send Qr codes and when they were accessed.

Subscription Plans

Subscribe to our Advantage Plan to use the app without any ads and get 15GB cloud storage and unlimited features.

Dynamic QR codes

Free Designed Dynamic QR codes for all. You can turn any file or multiple files via a folder and convert it to a QR code. Share it or print it for business purposes. For menus or advertisements. You don't need to print out a new QR code each time and waste money. The QR code stays the same, you just replace the file(s). They can be audio, video or Documents.


What is 256 bit AES Encryption?

AES 256-bit encryption is one of the most advanced and secure encryption techniques used to protect data. It provides a higher level of security by allowing users to encrypt data at a much larger scale and with a longer key length.

AES 256-bit encryption is used in various industries including banking, healthcare, communications, and military applications. It can protect any kind of digital data such as emails, documents, files, etc., from unauthorized access or tampering. Moreover, it can also be used to securely store data in the cloud or on physical hard drives.

AES 256-bit encryption is a data encryption standard used by government organizations and businesses to ensure the security of their sensitive data. The 256-bit encryption is based on the Advanced Encryption Standard (AES) algorithm, which uses a variable block size of 128 bits, 192 bits, or 256 bits to encrypt data. It has become one of the most widely used methods for securing sensitive information and is considered very secure against brute-force attacks. With AES 256-bit encryption, businesses can protect confidential data from unauthorized access, breaches, and other threats without compromising performance or user experience.

Our happy Users

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Dalmira Magula

Very good application, I recommend it to everyone!

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Shakuntala devi

Such an amazing app to store private files and confidential informations. It also allows to store images, videos & notes and even, we can capture live images and videos. I can freely share my secret files with my friends without any worry of leaking information. WOW. 👌

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Emtnan Balhag

Apply the word “beautiful” 1000 times 💞💞💞

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Lass Diawara

It's cool 👍

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I don’t have much to do with technology. But I always was worried about saving personal secret data, but now it is easy to store info as a qr code and lock the phone. Wala.

Frequently Asked Questions

  • What is “SafeSecret” app?

    Upload or Create a file and easily turn any secret file into a QR code and save it for yourself safely or share it securely.

  • Can I use the app without signing up?

    You can use our QR scanner only, for saving and sharing files you need to create an account.

  • Is “SafeSecret” app paid?

    It is Free without hidden fees. You can upgrade to a paid plan if you want to use the app ad-free and have more features.

  • Does “SafeSecret” save or share your data?

    The app does not store or share any of your data. We only save your email for you to be able to create an account and send notifications to you, we do not use it for any other cases.

  • How secure are my files?

    Even though your files are being stored in our server for sending and saving purposes, nobody including the staff has access to files, as they are always stored via military-grade encryption (which is one of the most secure encryptions up to date).

  • Can I delete my account?

    Yes, by going to “Profile” in menu options, then clicking “Delete account”.

  • What file formats does the app support?

    Documents: PDF, Xls/x, Doc/x, TXT, Pptx
    Media Files: Most video, audio, image file formats JPEG, GIF, PNG, TIFF, BMP
    Music File Formats: AAC, MP3, WAV, WMA,

  • Why is the Pin Code needed?

    If your file is highly confidential. Adding a "PIN" and "Open in the SafeSecret app" option is recommended for extra levels of security. The receiver will have to open the file using the "SafeSecret" app's QR scanner and then enter the PIN code you provided.

  • How can I send multiple files in one QR?

    Create a Folder, upload or create files in it, then share the folder. Your receiver will receive the folder with all contents in it.

  • Can Folders be encrypted?

    You can keep or share your Folders encrypted by setting a pin.

  • Why are some actions slow in the app sometimes?

    As the app is a cloud-based file manager that keeps your files and pins encrypted, the app works with our secure server. This is to give your files extra layers of security and you can feel safe and good. For this reason, your patience is important. We are trying to improve the speed as we can with new technologies as well.

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